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abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
abs Women Only, New BEL Road
    • Crowning Glory (Hair) Hair Cleansing Ritual

        • Wash Only
        • Blow Dry Only
        • Shampoo and Blow Dry
        • Shampoo and Hair Styling
    • Design Cut

        • Trimming
        • Restyle
    • Hair Spa

        • Short Hair
        • Medium Hair
        • Long Hair
        • Extra long Hair
    • Hair Colour And Highlighting

        • Short Hair
        • Medium Hair
        • Long Hair
        • Root Touch-Up
    • Organic Colour

        • Short Hair
        • Medium Hair
        • Long Hair
        • Root Touch Up
    • Anti Frizz Smoothing

        • Short Hair
        • Medium Hair
        • Long Hair
        • Extra long Hair
    • Straightening/Perming

        • Short Hair
        • Medium Hair
        • Long Hair
    • Facial

        • Joules Facial
        • Aroma Facial
        • CV facial
        • Gold Facial
        • Fruit Facial
        • Biotic Facial
        • Skin lightening Treatment
        • Anti-acne treatment
    • Clean Up

        • CV clean Up
        • Gold Clean Up
        • Glow Clean Up
        • Fruit Clean Up
        • Biotic Clean Up
    • Manicure Pedicure

        • Manicure
        • Pedicure
        • Luxurious Manicure
        • Luxurious Pedicure
        • Spa Manicure
        • Spa Pedicure
        • French Manicure
        • French Pedicure
    • Nail Polish

        • Hand Nail Polish
        • Feet Nail polish
        • Cut and File
    • Waxing

        • Full leg
        • Half leg
        • Bikini Line
        • Under Arm
        • Full Arm
        • Half Arm
        • Full Body
        • Side Chin Wax
        • Stomach and Chest
        • Back
    • Bleach

        • Face Bleach Oxy
        • Face Jolen Bleach
        • Full Arms Bleach
        • Half Arms Bleach
        • Full legs Bleach
        • Half Legs Bleach
        • Back Bleach
    • Threading

        • Eyebrow Threading
        • Upper Lip
        • Full Face Threading
        • Chin
        • Forehead
    • Make Up

        • Light Make Up
        • Evening Make Up
        • Full Bridal Package
        • Bridal Make Up, Hair do, Saree Draping, Nail Polish
    • Luxurious Hair and Scalp Treatments

      • Oil Treatment For Dry, Thin and Dull Hair

        Allow your hair and rejuvenated with natural healing properties of rich coconut milk, pure coconut oil, hibiscus and jagapati leaves will leave your hair looking and feeling hydrate, silky strong nourished and revitalised with a radiant shine.

      • Oil Treatment For Special Conditions

        if you are expecting a challenge with your hair or scalp, our specialists can prescribe personalised, speciality treatments to cure and heal that stubborn discomfort. Our ayurvedic herbs will gently assist with conditions such as hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, chlorine build up psoriasis. Our natural products act as a fountain of life for your hair while relieving the hair from daily environmental stress.

      • Sugandha Treatment For Colour Enhanced Hair

        This is an intensive treatment that literally shocks dull, dry and chemically processed hair back to life.Excellent after any chemical treatment to replenish lost moisture, utilising organic water, jasmine flowers, Indian spikenard and coconut oil. Your hair will shine more brilliantly than ever before.

    • Beauty Elixirs

      • Timeless Rejuvenation and Pearl Facial

        The most advanced defense against aging ,this opulent anti aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure caviar extract ,pearl extract and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox.Improving elastically. This luxurious mask increases skin oxygenation and suppleness. Promoting rejuvenation, it visibly resurfaces and dramatically reduces expression lines and wrinkles. It deeply repairs, replenishes and provides immediate radiance.

      • Balancing Combination Skin facial

        A perfect balance! The combination skin facial helps hydrate, brighten and purify the T-Zone. Wonderfully achromatic. It combines carrot oil, green apples and vitamins to firm and tighten, rendering your skin supple and leaving it glowing and perfectly balanced.

      • Renewal facial 'C' and Sea Mask Facial

        A potent blend of stabilized C combined with a breakthrough formulation of freeze-dried seaweed this mask reduces fine lines improving elastically and providing relief to sun damaged skin.

      • Mattifying Oily Skin

        Purify and brighten ! Regulating excessive oiliness to impart a radiant skin tone, the mattifying oily skin mask combines the purifying action of hot horsetail and vitamin E for a bright healthy complexion.

      • Rejuvenating Dry Skin Facial

        Exclude a smooth, youthful, radiant glow! Superbly rich and creamy, the dry skin facial immediately counteracts dryness, moisture bonding hyaluronic avoid hydrates, while vitamin E and carotene act as repairing emollients. It revitalizes your skin leaving it wonderfully smooth and radiant.

    • Relaxation Rituals

      • Aroma Therapy Massage

        A gentle and cleaning massage, enhanced with aromatic essential oils that eases your tension and restores a feeling of well being through the essential oils that release their healing properties into your skin. This is a lymphatic drainage massage that is administered with gentle strokes.

      • Deep Tissue Massage

        This massage incorporates the bodywork that reaches the tension retaining muscle tissues of indigenous oils, this therapy will soothe your tension away.

      • Tension Reliever Massage

        The ideal massage to relax the tension retaining muscle tissues of the back, neck and shoulders. A perfect way to start your holiday or relax after a day of business meetings.

      • Indian Foot Massage

        A traditional Indian therapy used for centuries by stimulating the reflex zones in the feet massaging these points, releases energy blockages throughout the body, re-establishing the body's natural energy flow. It releases your body and mind.

      • Hot Stone Therapy

        Exhale and relax as your therapist administers this advances tri-phase stone facial therapy. Sabia's synchronised therapeutic massage de-stresses your mind body spirit. It helps in blood circulation and oxygenation, boosting lymphatic circulation stimulating toxin elimination and relieving pain, fatigue and discomfort. It also helps the rejuvenation, hydration, repairs free radicals damage, promotes smooth texture and radiant skin. It is a complete massage therapy and will make you feel rejuvena

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abs Women Only, New BEL Road

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