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  • 1. What is bookmyspa?

    bookmyspa is India’s first Dedicated Wellness Online Platform where you can book a Spa, Salon, Reflexology, Ayurveda & Wellness Center. We have a wide range of Wellness brands associated with us, thus you have ample Wellness Centers to choose from. You can also avail deals & Discount Offers for a Wellness Center near your Location on the go! Visit our About Us Section to learn more about bookmyspa.

  • 2. How it works?

    You can make an online appointment on bookmyspa in three simple steps:

    • Visit .
    • Select your city & search your favorite wellness brand.
    • Choose your Location & Wellness center for which you want to book an appointment.
    • Select Date, Time & Click “Book Now” button! That’s it!

    As an acknowledgement you can ‘Write a Review’ & ‘Give Ratings’ for a chosen Wellness Center after receiving the service.

  • 3. How are we different from other websites?

    We offer you online booking facility, which not only saves your ‘Time’ but also ‘Money.’ In other websites you can only go through the listings or at maximum you can rate & review.

    Apart from providing all the above-mentioned features, bookmyspa provides you the most important feature to “book an online appointment” from your comfort space, which makes us unique than all other Listing Websites. Our focused & dedicated approach towards Fashion & Wellness Industry is our USP, which gives us an edge on all other Listing based Websites.

  • 4. What are the features of bookmyspa?

    Few of bookmyspa’s top Features are listed below:

    • Online appointment booking system.
    • Amazing Deals & Offers on Wellness & Grooming Services (Coming soon).
    • Advanced Search with Autosuggestion
    • Location based Search.
    • User Profile with Historical booking records.
    • User Reviews & Ratings.
    • “Seven” Wellness Categories to choose from.
    • List of Top Fashion & Wellness Brands with their Respective multiple locations in a city.
    • Complete Service List of each & every Wellness Center.
    • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Compatible Responsive UI Design.
  • 5. What are the benefits of bookmyspa?

    Few of the highlighting benefits of bookmyspa are mentioned below:

    • You can save your time with bookmyspa, which you would have otherwise wasted in waiting for your turn at Wellness Center.
    • You need not to visit a Wellness Center in physical to book an appointment.
    • You can book an appointment in advance for any nearby Occasions.
    • You can see all the Wellness Brands under one roof called bookmyspa & choose your favorite one
    • You can create your own profile with bookmyspa.
    • You can also keep track of your booking history under your Profile.
    • You can find a Wellness brand near your geographical location.
    • You can go through others’ Ratings & Reviews to figure out the best Wellness Center near your location.
  • 6. Who can book Spa/Salons on bookmyspa?

    Anyone who is 10 years or more is eligible to book an appointment on bookmyspa.

    Note: For a user aged between 10 to 18 years, he or she can make a booking under his/her parent’s guidance.

  • 7. Do you charge, if I book on bookmyspa website?

    As of now, the booking is completely free. Once we will get our Payment gateway in place, you will be able to make an online payment for your selected service.

  • 8. Do I have to register before I start booking online?

    There are 2 ways through which you can make an online booking:

    • You can fill our Registration form at & start making online bookings.
    • You can also choose an option called “Connect via Facebook” for a quick & snappy registration.
  • 9. I want to book a salon in Chennai or Mangalore?

    Sorry for your Inconvenience. We are currently operating in Bangalore & Hyderabad and to your delight we are coming soon to Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi.

    Since we are only targeting Tier-1 Cities, we are not opening our online services anytime soon for Tier-2 or Tier-3 Cities like Mangalore. In case we do so in the future, we will be happy to announce on

  • 10. How do I access my account online?

    There are 2 ways a user can access his account on

    • Once you submit your Registration form, We will create your User Profile straightaway. You can update your profile anytime later. To access your account, you have to Login with your Registered ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    • You can also use “Connect via Facebook” option to login into & can update your profile anytime later.
  • 11. Do I get any rewards if I book 5 times in a month through bookmyspa?

    We are coming up with user-centric benefits very shortly. We will intimate you about the same through our ‘Newsletter’ and official facebook page.

    Please “Like” our facebook page and subscribe our Newsletter to get bookmyspa updates.